Justin Bieber Becomes the First Artist to Hit 10 Billion Views on Vevo


Justin Bieber had a bit of a rough week. After canceling his meet and greets because they leave him so drained to the point of depression, he weathered a minor backlash from his zealous Beliebers. He faced a security scare at a show, and Rolling Stone picked apart his recent fashion choices. However, he's ending strong.

Bieber became the first artist Thursday to reach 10 billion views on Vevo, the music video-centric streaming site, with over 4 billion coming since September, just before he released Purpose.

As reported by Billboard, Vevo noted that in September, "Justin quickly gained momentum, as well as the top spot on Vevo's chart, which he has maintained it for 19 consecutive weeks."

Surprisingly, Bieber's top video is still "Baby," which has tallied over 1.3 billion views since its release six years ago, but "Sorry" is rapidly gaining on it. It's already racked up 1.1 billion views since its release in October. 

With those two separate billion-plus videos, he sits in an elite club with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, the only two other artists with more than one video with 1 billion views. If he manages to gain a third — which in all likelihood will be "What Do You Mean?" which sits at 897 million views — he will enter a league of his own as the only artist with three. 

Stay tuned. The revolution will be televised on Vevo.