Jeb Bush RNC Speech Defends Brother George W Bush


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush followed Gingrich with a speech based on education and the importance of having a choice when it comes to schooling. He started, however, by defending his brother former President George W. Bush, for "keeping us safe."  

Bush also spoke in his perfect Spanish to welcome all the Republican delegates to his state of Florida, and took advantage of the occasion to remind that "we should not think of our kinds in terms of race or ethnicity." 

Bush's speech was about choice in education. He used the example of buying milk at the grocery store, where customers had the chance to buy regular, skim and other kinds of milk. He stressed parents should have the same choice when in comes to schools -- "regardless of their income status and zip code."

According to Bush, Romney "gets it," as he believes parents should be able to send their kinds to the school of their choosing. He then went on to contrasting the conservative vision of helping kinds as opposed to the Democratic vision of supposedly helping teacher unions as opposed to the children themselves. 

The former governor of Florida introduced student Frantz Placide, a 2006 Graduate of Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School, in Miami. Placide spoke as a success story thanks to the Republican reforms in education in Florida. "What would have happened if my parents didn't have a choice," the high school grad wonders to a cheering ovation. 

Jeb Bush concluded by talking about how Republican governors -- such as Mitt Daniels, of Indiana, Bobby Jindal, of Louisiana and Susana Martinez of New Mexico -- as real reformers who have the interest of kids and competitive teachers at heart; and not like Obama and the Democrats who supposedly side with the powerful unions.