Bernie Supporter Susan Sarandon Said Trump Might Be What America Needs


On Monday night, Susan Sarandon pissed a lot of people off. 

During an appearance on All In With Chris Hayes, the actress who has been avidly campaigning for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was asked what she and other Sanders supporters would do should he lose the nomination to frontrunner Hillary Clinton. 

Hayes noted there remain some concerns among Democrats that Clinton won't be able to absorb Sanders' supporters. 

"That's a legitimate concern because they're very passionate and very principled," Sarandon said. 

"But isn't that crazy?" Hayes pushed back. "If you believe in what he believes in?"

"Yeah but she doesn't," Sarandon said. "She's accepted money from all those people. She doesn't even want to fight for a $15 minimum wage, so these are people that have not come out before, so why would we think they're going to come out now for her, you know?"

Then this: When Hayes asked if Sarandon would vote for Clinton in the absence of a Sanders nomination, she said she was uncertain and would have to wait and see. 

"Really?" Hayes asked in shock. 

"Really," Sarandon said. "Some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in, then things will really, you know, explode." 

The host suggested that could be a dangerous logic for America, but Sarandon stood her ground: "It's dangerous to think that we can continue the way we are with the militarized police force, with privatized prisons, with the death penalty, with the low minimum wage, with threats to women's rights, and think that you can't do something huge to turn that around."

On Twitter emotions were heated. Her comments provoked ire in certain swaths of the twitterati. 

Watch the full interview here: