Child Prophet Sums Up Adult Life With Answer to Homework Assignment: "We Have Shit"


Children do and say a lot of things that are more or less incomprehensible, but sometimes, they spew candid wisdom disproportionate to their relatively short existences. Take for example the precocious answer one kid gave to an age-appropriate homework question. 

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Reddit user MentalSewage uploaded a picture of their daughter's assignment in which she unscrambled a word jumble in the best possible way. Given the prompt "this have we," the girl rearranged the letter blocks "ew vahe hsit" to reveal an unfortunate truth of human existence.

"We have shit," she wrote.


Indeed we do, daughter of MentalSewage, indeed we do. We all have our shit and we all have to deal with it, whether it's daily boredom with not-challenging-enough after-school work or the actual excrement tucked discreetly in our handbags. It's a good life lesson to learn early.