Party Over Here's Comedy Sketch Tells Men Exactly What to Do With Their Mansplaining

You probably think you know everything there is to know about mansplaining, but actually, you probably don't know that it makes a hilarious subject for a good comedy sketch.

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In a comedy sketch from the cast members of the show Party Over Here, mansplainers have a new outlet through which to explain the world to desperately-in-need women: the Mansplaining Hotline. 

Men can feel free to explain Star Wars characters — like whether lead character Rey is actually a Mary Sue, a derogatory term for female characters who are able to do it all. 

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Or the intricacies of electoral politics and companies buying the election. 

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And even football. 

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There's no topic that callers into the line won't be allowed to mansplain. Like men's rights. 

Source: Mic/Facebook
Source: Mic/Facebook

While the sketch is funny, mansplaining is no joke. It suggests a fundamental distrust of women and their abilities. If you've mansplained, or are thinking about mansplaining, please check this chart before you do so:

And yes, men, mansplaining happens to all women: including Hillary Clinton