Donald Trump Asking Twitter What's in Reporter Michelle Fields' Hand Totally Backfires


Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged Tuesday with misdemeanor battery for his alleged assault of former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields on March 9. That afternoon, Trump took to Twitter accusatorially asking, "Why is this reporter touching me as I leave news conference? What is in her hand??" while providing photographic evidence of their encounter.

The internet, being the internet, was happy to oblige with an answer — but probably not the one Trump was hoping for. 

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Some gave a very direct, albeit deadpan answer.

Others were more hostile.

Some used the opportunity to mock Trump's "small hands," which became a talking point all their own during a recent Republican debate. 

Some responses hit below the belt (and possibly came from a 12-year-old).

Finally, some even offered to "enhance" the image.