Hurl Dildos at Donald Trump's Face in Your New Favorite Video Game


Drumpulous is a video game where you wield a bazooka gun loaded with endless dildos and send a stream of sex toys into Donald Trump's face. Sweet relief.  


Follow Drumpf as he makes his way up a staircase and over to a podium to Make America Dildos Again. Keep your eye on the scrotum bullseye and tell him to suck it. 

Pro tip: Type "not him" to kick the dildo stream into high gear.

"This is a game I decided to make to deal with my feelings of anxiety and horror at the prospect of Donald Trump coming into power in our country," the developer writes within the game. 


As in life, you can't win this game — but unlike life, the game never ends, so you can hurl dildos into Trump's face for as long as you damn well please. 


Dildos are no rookies in the political garbagescape — people sent Oregon militants phallic care packages in January, and other good Samaritans have taken up the cause by photoshopping guns into dildos

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but hundreds of dildos will assuage my thoughts on our inevitable doom.