Someone Made a Birthday Cake Out of 7,000 Matches and — OMG WATCH OUT


If you spent your childhood holding magnifying glasses up to ants while your classmates played on the jungle gym, we have the perfect birthday cake for you!

A visionary arsonist with a Costco-level supply of matches created a three-tiered tower made out of 7,000 matches, or what the YouTuber adorably dubbed an "Amazing Fire Domino!!!" I adorably dub it an "Amazing Fire Hazard!!!" Here's your guide to the Julia Child of conflagration. 

Step one: Light the top layer of your three-layered inferno cake.


Step two: Watch it burn.


Step three: You are still watching it burn. It burns for 45 minutes.

Step four: If you watched it burn for 45 minutes, go see a doctor and have your lungs checked for smoke inhalation.


h/t Digg