6 Gadgets That Will Make Using a Public Bathroom a Breeze


It's no surprise that a lot of people are squeamish about using public bathrooms — Mystery splashes, empty toilet paper dispensers, clogs, you never know what you're going to find when you open the stall door. Thankfully there is an entire industry devoted to selling you supplies to arm yourself before facing a highly-trafficked restroom, here is just a sampling:

1. Disposable toilet seat covers


Not all bathrooms supply these seat covers, so if they put your mind at ease, order a travel-size pack of 100 disposable covers from Amazon.

2. A handheld blacklight


If public bathrooms already gross you out, this purchase might be a little masochistic, but with a portable blacklight you can spot every errant splash of bodily fluid ... and then avoid it.

3. An "odor eliminator"


Smells are a reality in public bathrooms, but this "natural toilet odor eliminator" promises to, um, clear the air when you squeeze it into the toilet water. Make sure you get one in a travel size so you can bring it along on all your public bathroom adventures.

4. Mini rolls of toilet paper


Because they get a lot of action, public restrooms sometimes (often) run out of toilet paper. But you can find mini toilet paper dispensers online — Or just wad up a bunch and shove it in your bag, whichever works.

5. A portable bidet


If a spray from a bidet is the only thing that makes you feel fresh after a trip to the bathroom, then you probably need to own a portable bidet. Sure, it may seem like this is just a squeeze bottle with a very long neck to find those hard-to-reach places, but whatever, you do you.

6. A portable bathroom


The thing about public bathrooms is that, sometimes, they just aren't there. If you absolutely need a bathroom and there's none in sight (and there's also no bush to hide behind), don't worry because "disposable urinals for men women and children" exist. These are plastic pouches that basically convert urine into an "odorless" gel. No word on whether or not they work for ALL bathroom needs though ...