Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman (Visual 1)" Music Video Is Her Most Mature One Yet


In case it wasn't already clear, Ariana Grande is no longer sticking to the innocent, wide-eyed Nickelodeon identity that helped catapult her to stardom. In fact, her forthcoming EP Dangerous Woman is set to be her most mature project to date, with the first music video for "Dangerous Woman," released Thursday morning on Vevo, setting the stage for what's sure to be a defining moment in the young singer's career.

Thursday's video for "Dangerous Woman," the album's first critical hit, is dubbed "Visual 1," likely meaning a second video will be released closer to the album's May release date. 

"Dangerous Woman" takes a step away from the more choreographed look of Grande's 2015 hit, "Focus," with the singer instead using her newfound sex appeal to set the mood. And some say the song itself has an even more sexually charged meaning.

Though the video, released at the stroke of midnight on Thursday, is considered the first official video for Grande's new smash hit, the singer has previously released another surprise video for the song. In it, she's seen performing "Dangerous Woman" a cappella to a small group — likely the production crew for her latest album artwork. The video proves the 22-year-old has quite a set of lungs on her, with a voice capable of causing goosebumps.

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