Patrick Is the World's Biggest and Oldest Wombat of Your Cuddling Dreams or Nightmares


What's 30 years old, furry and 85 pounds? It's the world's largest and oldest known wombat who goes by the name of Patrick, who may or may not have been featured in your childhood nightmares, according to Atlas Obscura. For comparison, a 2- to 3-year-old child weighs about 30 pounds on average.

Patrick has seemed to figure out the secret to longevity, as his lifespan is well past his wild counterparts' (those in captivity live about 20 years). 

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He lives at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Australia, where he rolls around in a wheelbarrow.

With 47,000 followers as of Thursday, this marsupial also probably has more friends on Facebook than most humans.

Despite his internet presence, he spends his many days riding solo. "The male wombat has to be very aggressive towards the female, and Patrick just isn't a very aggressive wombat," park owner Julia Leonard said to ABC News. "So he chooses to be single." Let Patrick be your spirit animal.