Full Schedule for Remaining Presidential Primaries and Caucuses and 2016 Voting


As much as we'd like for the current presidential election cycle to be over, we have a little over two months of primaries and caucuses to go.

The primaries pick back up this upcoming Tuesday in Wisconsin, for both Democrats and Republicans, and will go on until the final Democratic primary in the District of Columbia on June 14. The caucuses start up again on April 9 with the Democrats in Wyoming and end June 7 in North Dakota.

GOP frontrunner and businessman Donald Trump is still currently leading his Republican rivals with 736 delegates, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is edging out her competitor, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, with 1,243 delegates.

The full list of primary and caucus dates were provided by U.S. Presidential Election News.

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Frank Augstein/AP

Tuesday, April 5

Wisconsin primary

Saturday, April 9

Wyoming caucus (D)

Tuesday, April 19

New York primary

Tuesday, April 26

Connecticut primary

Delaware primary

Maryland primary

Pennsylvania primary

Rhode Island primary

Tuesday, May 3

Indiana primary

Saturday, May 7

Guam primary (D)

Tuesday, May 10

Nebraska (R)

West Virginia primary

Tuesday, May 17

Kentucky primary (D)

Oregon primary

Tuesday, May 24

Washington primary (R)

Tuesday, June 7

California primary

Montana primary

New Jersey primary

New Mexico primary

South Dakota primary

North Dakota caucus (D)

Tuesday, June 14

District of Columbia primary (D)