JK Rowling Pranked for April Fools' Day by Scottish Resistance Group


April Fools' Day has claimed many a victim already, including a basketball player being tricked into thinking he was cut from his team, but don't count J.K. Rowling among those who can be fooled. Rather, she'll come back with her own clever retort. 

The Harry Potter author was Photoshopped wearing a t-shirt supporting the Scottish Resistance, a group of pro-independence activists, on Facebook. Along with the photo, a caption read that Rowling had joined the Resistance and was starting a new book, The Fall of the House of Westmonster

In response, Rowling tweeted that it made her day before adding a photo of herself wearing a real Scottish Resistance shirt, saying: "They needn't have used Photoshop, though." 

Muggles and wizards alike be warned: Rowling is a tough one to prank.