North Korea Bans Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and More


North Korea, a country known for its aggressive censorship, is broadly banning popular information-sharing sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. 

The action was announced on the website of Korea's main internet service provider, according to the Associated Press. The new ban mostly affects travelers to North Korea, rather than local residents. Most North Koreans don't have internet access and those that do are restricted to a government portal. However, visitors to North Korea have been able to access to web largely without limitation. 

Now anyone inside of North Korea's boundaries will be cut off from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, news site Voice of America and South Korean media sites, as well as internet gambling and pornographic content. Twitter and Facebook were already blocked in the country, but no formal announcement had been made. 

In 2013, North Korea made 3G wireless access available to foreigners on their mobile phones. In turn, smartphone users began using their phones to post on Facebook and even live-streaming platforms like Periscope. Ever in control of its public image, North Korea now seeks to further regulate the flow of information into and out of the country. 

But don't worry, you can still access your Instagram.