IGN Trolls 'Star Wars' Fans With Faux Trailer for Live-Action Netflix Series


IGN is known to troll their fans on April Fools — in 2008, they made a Legend of Zelda live-action movie trailer that was too good to be true — and now they've struck an even deeper chord: a fake Star Wars trailer. In a faux teaser trailer released on Friday (April Fools' Day, naturally), IGN had an exclusive look at one of Netflix's newest series, and the first live-action Star Wars show ever made. 

The synopsis reads "A mysterious, dark power is butchering those on both the light and dark side of the Force." As the trailer suggests, this dark power is none other than Darth Maul, best known for his appearances in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, and he's presumably on a murderous rampage similar to Keanu Reeves when you kill his dog

It might seem tempting at first glance, but the trailer is fake for obvious reasons, the primary evidence being it was released on April Fools' Day. Moreover, the trailer does not feature any original dialogue, is limited to a few settings and Netflix themselves haven't announced it through any press or featured it on their site. That said, the production quality from IGN is admittedly strong.

Check out the impressive — and sadly, fake — trailer for the live-action Star Wars series, Fury of Maul below. 

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