Look at This Hot Dog Topped With Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese and Froot Loops That Really Exists


Devised by a madman and birthed by The Devil Himself, a hot dog topped with bacon mac 'n' cheese and Froot Loops exists — so let's all please take a moment to look at it. 

Fans of the Cleveland Indians and, ostensibly, explosive diarrhea can pick up the "Slider Dog," (which is definitely not a sandwich) at Happy Dog at Cleveland's Progressive Field.

The delicacy is the latest in what appears to be a bizarre arms race among Major League Baseball franchises to feature the wildest culinary creation. The Arizona Diamondbacks were at it last year with the "Churro Dog," which, for the hot dog purists out there, isn't a hot dog at all but in fact a churro on a bun topped with ice cream.

The hellions at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, have dreamed up the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog, which features Cracker Jack, jalapeños, macaroni and cheese and, horribly, caramel sauce.

For now, the competition to become America's most innovative ballpark vendor has produced at least one clear winner: hungry baseball fans everywhere — who are probably pregnant.

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