Ted Cruz's April Fools' Day Prank Was Rickrolling America Because It's 2006


If Ted Cruz were running for president in 2006, this April Fools' Day prank might have given him an edge, but in 2016, it's just kind of annoying. On Friday, the Texas senator and Republican candidate sent out a tweet saying that his rival and current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump had accepted Cruz's challenge to "debate one-on-one." The tweet linked to a YouTube video on Cruz's website

Spoiler alert: About 12 seconds into the video, the familiar strains of Rick Astley's 1987 earworm "Never Gonna Give You Up" begin to play, aka the international signal for "you just got trolled." 

Obviously Donald Trump never accepted the debate invitation and Ted Cruz, hilarious prank master that he is, was just pulling the country's collective leg. Try not to laugh too hard, America.

Correction: April 1, 2016