Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant or Is This Just the Greatest April Fools' Day Prank Yet?


Singer and The Voice judge Gwen Stefani has been all over the news lately for her high-profile relationship with co-star and country singer Blake Shelton, and their romance has fueled rumors that the two are serious enough to be getting engaged and moving in together and even ... HAVING A BABY?! 

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On Friday, Stefani fueled the pregnancy rumor fire by Instagramming an ultrasound photo with the caption, "It's a girl." But calm down everyone, before you get too excited, remember that the Instagram went up on April Fools' Day. Yup, it seems pretty likely that Stefani is just getting into the spirit of the day and trolling us all.

Most of Stefani's fans seem to have guessed that the photo is a prank, leaving comments like "April fools!" and "Great one Gwen," but some weren't so happy about being pranked. "This isn't funny," one fan wrote, "because some people will believe it because u haven't been ur best so stop."

For now at least, it seems like all those fans who are desperately hoping that Stefani and Shelton will procreate will have to remain disappointed.