This Chainsaw-Equipped "Killerdrone" Is What the Machines Will Use to Take Over


Chainsaw-wielding drones sound like the plot of a bad Syfy original movie, yet here we are.

Finnish filmmakers Misty Friday Films became responsible for bringing the precarious idea of the "Killerdrone" to life when they mounted a quadcopter drone with a lumberjack-sized chainsaw. The Killerdrone looks like it could easily catch up to and show a feeble human the true meaning of pain, but the film crew mostly uses it to bisect snowmen.

Its one weakness? Balloons. They tend to get caught in the rotors.

(The video was uploaded on March 31st, thus making it possible that several of the apparent features of the Killerdrone are an April Fools' Day prank.)

As Popular Science notes, strapping a chainsaw to a drone is almost certainly illegal even if one resists the urge to terrorize their neighbors with it —the Killerdrone likely qualifies as a destructive device or weapon in several states.

Still, this chilling vision of the future is just one of the many terrifying mechanical amalgamations the machines will use to take this world from our cold, dead fingers. It's just a matter of time.