The surprisingly short lifespan of your expensive workout clothes

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Workout apparel is expensive, especially if they're designed by pop superstars, and your frugal logic might be to keep wearing them to the gym unless they are egregiously falling apart. However, despite their exorbitant prices, there are expiration dates that might not be obvious from visible wear and tear. Here are the lifespans of some typical workout clothes, as well as when you should consider replacing them with new ones.

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Running shoes


Speaking to the New York Times, Nike spokesman Gavin Thomas said the cost of running shoes depend on the type — whether it is a lightweight model or one with more cushion. Regardless, Thomas said "typical shoes worn by a typical runner" will usually be worn out after 300 or 400 miles. 

Workout socks


According to footwear company Stable 26, one of the telltale signs that gym socks need to be replaced is when their elasticity begin to weaken. Another obvious indicator is when you begin getting blisters, which can occur due to the friction stemming from when socks are misshapen due to long wear.

Leggings or yoga pants

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Similar to socks, elasticity is a biggie when it comes to leggings and yoga pants. Shape notes that they typically last one to two years, but if you're noticing the fabric becomes itchy and/or if you need to tug the waistband up and adjust the hems, it's probably time to replace them.

Sports bras

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Sports bras can last between six months and a year, according to Shape, but it depends on how often you wear them. "Once the fabric has lost its stretch and recovery — meaning that when it stretches it doesn't bounce back — it is time to get a new bra," Lululemon designer Cassandra Sze said to Shape.