Paul Ryan Black Girlfriend Revealed: She is a Gorgeous Democrat


Deneeta Pope, Paul Ryan’s college African American girlfriend, spoke up to Mail Online about her college romance with the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. 

“I'm a Democrat, but he's a really nice guy,” Deneeta (40) said of Ryan whom she met at Miami University of Ohio when she was a cheerleader and he was a fraternity guy.

Among the revelations from Pope’s exclusive interview is the fact that Ryan supposedly suffered “ugly comments” because his college “sweetheart” was black. It has also been known that Pope donated $2,000 to Ryan’s 1997 run for Congress (she also donated to Obama in 2008). 

Pope, who’s an I.T. specialist and realtor living in Chicago with her second husband, helped Ryan forge his “uncompromising” opposition to racism early on. And, apparently, Ryan and Pope parted ways in friendly terms as the former cheerleader says that even though she’ll be voting for the Democratic ticket – “she still supports the nice guy” (Ryan).

“Paul is a very nice guy, a kind guy and a family guy. He's very approachable and a very likeable person,” Pope claims. And though Paul says his relationship with Pope – and the negative reaction he supposedly suffered from his so-called friends – were a formative experience in his political evolution to become “a big fan of Martin Luther King and a staunch advocate of Civil Rights,” Pope denies they experienced any racism as a couple.

She added that, while their relationship was not “very serious,” they have remained friends through the years. “It tells you the kind of guy Paul is when you learn that he has remained friends with all of his friends that he met in college,” Pope says.

Paul Ryan and Deneeta Pope met and dated at Miami University of Ohio in the early 1990s, the Paul campaign has confirmed.