Labor Day Weekend 2012: 10 Fun Things to Do During Labor Day Weekend


It’s that time of year again, Labor Day weekend. For some, this means going camping with family and friends or spending the week enjoying some meals with people they are close to. 

Whatever your plans, you are likely off from work as Labor Day is originally meant to celebrate those who work hard to make a living. Labor Day is meant to be spent with family, enjoying and relaxing during time off. 

Here are some ways to enjoy the day:

1. Go to a concert in the park: 

It’s the end of summer and there is sure to be plenty of last concerts around your area. If you look in the right places, you will find a concert and music by a local musician(s) to enjoy.

2. Read a book: 

If you don’t usually have time for reading, a day off might be the best chance to read that book you’ve been meaning to get to. Bonus: Go to the library or bookstore with your friends or family, pick some books, and read them.

3. Go to the movies: 

The movies might be a little expensive these days, but every now and then watching a good movie really means a good time. Find a movie the whole family will enjoy and go to the movie theater with everyone.

4. Sleep in: 

For those who work10 or 14 hours a day, the extra rest is much needed and appreciated. If you can’t sleep in, try to find time during the day to take a nap, but don't waste the whole day between the sheets. Go outside.

5. Have a luncheon: 

This is a good way to spend time with family and friends and to share in one another’s company. Many opt to have a barbecue, though having a light lunch of some sort is not only healthy but also easier. Also, depending on the weather in one’s area a barbeque could be the best option.

6. Go to a festival: 

In some areas, there are special festivals devoted to honor those who work. In Los Angeles, for example, there are several street fairs and festivals during the long weekend.

7. Watch football: 

For football fans, this is probably a given. However, find a way to watch the game with your family to make it a more shareable experience.

8. Go shopping: 

Of course, if the above did not work, the girls can always go out shopping. There are sales all through the long weekend, so it might also be a good time to go shopping for new school clothes or shoes.

9. Play games: 

This is more fun with more people, but one can play board games or card games. Don’t be sad if it’s raining, just find something to do which is fun and plenty of laughs will be sure to go around.

10. Volunteer: 

It might seem weird to be doing work on Labor Day, yet make it a goal to try to do something new. Make an effort to help in your community and volunteer in schools, libraries, senior centers, homeless centers, or really anywhere else to try to help another person in a meaningful way.