Drake Drops "One Dance" & "Pop Style" Featuring Jay Z, Kanye West off 'Views From the 6'


So it isn't Views From the 6 just yet, but at least we're getting some new music from Drake. On Tuesday, the rapper shared two new songs — available on iTunes — and it's likely both will be on his forthcoming album, whenever it makes its way to us. 

The singles are both collaborative works. "One Dance" features Wizkid and Kyla, while "Pop Style" features "the Throne" — a reference to Jay Z and Kanye West's 2011 album Watch the Throne. Drake announced the news in two separate tweets, both sharing the hashtag #VIEWS alongside links for the songs. 

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With the new singles, here's to hoping Drake doesn't wait much longer to release Views From the 6 — though it's expected to come sometime in April. If not, fans will have to get increasingly creative with their memes.