This Desk Hammock Is the Perfect Accessory for People Who Want to Nap at Work


You know that late-afternoon slump? Like when you're at your desk and you just can't keep your eyes open? The Schnap, a hammock you attach to the bottom of a desk, is here to help with that — now you can conveniently curl up underneath your workspace like a freaky bat, or something.

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Graphic design student Aqil Raharjo was inspired to create Schnap after seeing friends and fellow students pull all-nighters. "The idea came up while observing a friend of mine who seemed exhausted and told me that she didn't sleep for two days because she stayed overnight at school to do her school projects," Raharjo said in an email. 

Aqil Raharjo

The response was overwhelmingly positive, and now Raharjo plans to start producing the under-desk hammocks on a larger scale. "I can see the product to be used in many creative ways," Raharjo said, "in offices, in sleepovers of small apartments and homes, libraries, student lounges or maybe airports when people are waiting for their flights."

Aqil Raharjo

Maybe someday soon every desk will come equipped with a Schnap underneath for easy nap access. And as for those workers whose desks aren't big enough to accommodate a full-size, prostrated human body? "Be creative," Raharjo said. "There's no right or wrong action to use the product. We are planning to make different kinds of Schnaps to accommodate a variety of people's heights and desks."