10 Lessons 'Animaniacs' Taught Us About Life That Were Actually Useful


Calling all nostalgic '90s kids: Animaniacs is on Netflix! The beloved animated series about the "Warner Brothers" Yakko and Wakko and their sister Dot lasted for five seasons and even launched one spinoff, Pinky and the Brain

The bulk of Animaniacs' charm was in its educational musical numbers. Elsewhere, Animaniacs contained a lot of subversive, adult humor. But just as you're beginning to understand all the innuendo upon re-watching the series as an adult, many of the educational music numbers remain just as informational. Here are 10 things you probably learned while watching Animaniacs – and probably remember better due to the mnemonic qualities of their catchy songs.

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The countries of the world, as well as the states and capitals of the United States

All the planets in our solar system (before Pluto was rejected downgraded), as well as the scale of space

All the senses – and homonyms

The international friendship song... and a bit of German

Healthy eating – or rather, all the preservatives and chemicals in processed foods

All the presidents of the United States (up through Bill Clinton)

Long multiplication

What happens during an earthquake