Testosterone Is Turning Everyone Into Fuckboys, Says Extremely Helpful New Study


If you're currently sleeping with someone whose heart seems to be surrounded by an impenetrable cement box topped with a thin sheet of black ice, then perhaps you should tell them to get their hormone levels checked.

A new study from the University of Connecticut has determined that people with high levels of testosterone are bad at communicating their "thoughts and feelings" after sex.


For the study, researchers tested the testosterone levels of 253 young adults, who then documented their sexual activity in an online diary for two weeks. 

In the end, the results pointed to a correlation between individual levels of testosterone and levels of positive, post-coital communication.

"When testosterone levels were higher, post sex disclosures were less intentional and less positive," the authors wrote. Therefore, they concluded, individuals with high levels of testosterone "may be the least likely to experience the beneficial effects of post sex communication."

And here's something interesting: This takeaway seemed to be true for both men and women with high levels of testosterone. The authors wrote that "similar results were found both when biological sex was controlled for and when analyses were conducted separately for women and men."

So back to that ice person you've been banging. Is he or she actually just not that into you? No, of course not! Stop it. They like you. Work is just really busy right now, and, you know, they've been dealing with super high levels of testosterone lately. Totally.


h/t Broadly