Kesha's Hate Crime Countersuit Against Dr. Luke Has Been Thrown Out of New York Court


The fight to #FreeKesha suffered another blow Wednesday, as most of her counterclaims against producer Dr. Luke were thrown out of court.

Most significantly, New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich dismissed the singer's hate crime claim against Dr. Luke. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she cited a lack of evidence of Dr. Luke's actual hatred for women.

"Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime," Kornreich reportedly wrote in her decision.

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The primary basis for said hate crime claim — Kesha's allegation that Dr. Luke raped her before 2008 — sits outside the statute of limitations, Kornreich wrote, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Other threats of emotional abuse over the whole time span reportedly don't form a substantial basis for the claim.

Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch/AP

Kornreich, the same judge who dismissed Kesha's request for an injunction in February, also threw out Kesha's other claims, including one of "intentional infliction of emotional distress." The only remaining counterclaim in New York court, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is about "whether her agreement terminated when she was sued for breach of contract."

Kesha filed a similar version of this lawsuit in Los Angeles, according to the Hollywood Reporter, but it's been stalled for a bit. Since today's news affects the New York claim, she may look to push the Los Angeles suit forward.

The case itself was not completely thrown out, so this legal battle is not yet over. But make no mistake: This is a real blow to Kesha's case. The fight to free her just became even more difficult.