5 Recipes to Make in Your Crockpot That Are Basically Effortless


Millennials love ordering food — at least according to this 2014 study. In the study, which stacked results from millennials alongside their baby boomer predecessors, millennials ranked "ease" and "convenience" as the main reasons behind their incessant Seamless orders.

However, if you're looking for ease and convenience, you really can't go wrong with a crockpot slow cooker. Prep all your ingredients, dump them into your crockpot, set the timer and return a few hours later to a dinner ready for consumption. Here are five effortless recipes you can make in your crockpot. (Pro-tip: You can even eat right out of if you're feeling particularly lazy about dishes – no judgment.)

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1. Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli courtesy of Divas Can Cook

2. Chicken and Rice courtesy of eHow Food's Cooking Guide

3. Loaded Potato Soup courtesy of Laura in the Kitchen

4. Caveman Chili courtesy of Caveman Keto

5. Healthy Lasagna courtesy of Eating Well