You Can Now Eat at Australia's First Restaurant for People With the Munchies


Connoisseurs of marijuana (wherever it's legal, obviously) probably know that hunger can be a pretty powerful side effect of pot. Now, one Australian restaurant is hoping to cash in on the munchies by catering specifically to high people. 

Aptly named D'Munchies, this new restaurant, located in the Sydney neighborhood of Newtown, serves all the sweet and salty fried junk food that stoners crave. The menu includes a pepperoni pizza-covered hot dog on a pretzel bun and a fried chicken sandwich topped with bacon and cheese sauce, as well as ice cream with gummy bears and Froot Loops, reports Mashable Australia.

D'Munchies opened its doors for the first time this week (at 4:20 p.m., obviously). The restaurant doesn't actually sell any pot products — while recreational marijuana is not legal in Australia, medical marijuana was legalized in February — but that doesn't mean D'Munchies won't be a hit. After all, you don't have to be high to appreciate crispy beef ravioli nachos, right? Right?!?

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