A Website Let This Father Email His Kid "From the Grave," and His Message Is Heartbreaking


We can send messages to space, self-destructing messages, messages invisible to prying government eyes — and even messages from beyond the grave.

"I received an email from my dad today," a user posted this week on the subreddit /r/TwoXChromosomes. "He died two years ago."

The redditor's father used a website called FutureMe, a service that lets you send your future self an email. If you are a registered user, you can also send future emails to other people.

The redditor, who goes by the username Beersie_McSlurrp, sent us an excerpt of the email from his father:

"Hello Son, I am talking to you from the grave, wooooooooo. I always said I will come back and haunt you.

"I'm going to leave it there as it gets personal for me," Beersie_McSlurrp said in a Reddit message. 

Jay Wennington/StockSnap

Digital afterlife isn't a novel conversation. Facebook rolled out a legacy contact feature last year to let users determine who manages their page after they die. 

There are several other online services — including Afternote, Email From Death and Deathswitch — dedicated to helping you send emails to loved ones when you have passed away. 

As this Reddit post reveals, these services aren't all for naught. People are really using them to send touching, posthumous messages to loved ones.