Someone Hacked a Game Boy to Run the Greatest Nintendo Games Ever and We Need It Now


It might be a long time since you've laid eyes on a Game Boy. That said, take a look at the one below and see if you notice anything different:


It has extra X and Y buttons. It has a headphone jack. And if you turned it on, it would have a color screen. That's not all: There's an external USB port for a keyboard, a mini-USB for recharging the lithium battery and an HDMI port.

If you're wondering how this violation of order and tradition came into being, it was hand-crafted by YouTuber wermy, who made it with an old Game Boy shell and modern guts, powered by a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero. 

So does it play games? Oh, yes, child. The custom cartridge takes a mini-SD card pre-loaded with emulation software.


But it doesn't just play Game Boy games. Because this man has no respect for natural law, the device handles emulation of systems like Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis all the way up through Game Boy Advance.

This is a GIF of the Game Boy playing Donkey Kong Country, a sight that, to my 8-year-old self, would have seemed like an abomination, or a temptation from the devil:


Watch the full video of wermy's Game Boy frankenstein porn here:

How can you get one yourself? That's easy. You can make it.