Ghosts Are Real and They're in This Viral Reddit Video


A lot of strange things go on in college dorms, like the spooky way your freshman year roommate could sleep through his alarm going off for over an hour or the dress that mysteriously disappears from your closet and suddenly reappears covered in red wine.

But the (fully unsubstantiated) experience of Reddit user "Room 169" takes the cake with the harrowing tale he posted to /r/nosleep on Wednesday that would make for a great episode of The X-Files.

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The student said he started school in September living in one of the oldest dorm on campus, where things were pretty creepy to begin with. He posted a photo of a the basement used to be a bomb shelter and a putrid odor hung in the air at all times. His first night in his dorm room, he and his roommate Rob heard a mysterious knocking, but when he got up to see if someone at the door there was no one.

"Over the next few weeks we were woken up several times by knocking late at night. With each occurrence, the knocking gets louder and more disruptive," wrote the Reddit user. "I assumed it was neighbors fucking with us."

One night, "Room 169," the number of his dorm room, realized the knocking wasn't coming from the door to the hall, but from inside his closet. Again, when he checked there was no one there.

Then things got spookier: Sometimes, said the poster, he would wake up to find the closet door had been thrown wide open in the middle of the night. After losing even more sleep than the average college student over the apparent supernatural phenomena happening in his dorm, he finally divulged the story to an upperclassman friend.

"Instead of thinking I'm crazy he's just like: 'Wait... What building do you live in again? ... What room?'" he wrote. When the Reddit user told his friend it was 169, the upperclassman said a student had committed suicide in that very dorm room the year before.

"At this point I'm so used to it that I don't care that much anymore, but a while ago I left my camera running pointed at my closet around the time that the knocking usually starts," wrote user Room 169. "I did this so I could have proof and show it to some of my friends, and then I remembered NoSleep is a thing and thought you might wanna see it too. Enjoy."

Feast your eyes: