Tom Daley Gay and Girlfriend Rumors: Daniel Goodfellow to Partner Diver in Rio 2016


It seems as though English Olympic diver Tom Daley has finally found time to think about his athletic career, amid red carpets, book tours and appearances in famous television shows.

According to Cambridge News, the 18-year-old London 2012 bronze medalist is considering fellow diver Daniel Goodfellow as a potential partner for the synchronized competitions on the road to the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games. 

For Goodfellow, 15, it would be a golden opportunity at both Olympic glory and mainstream fame. Daley is as much a sports star as he is a celebrity. The British answer to Justin Bieber is a staple in television shows, and is often seen in the company of international stars such as David Beckham. The pressure felt by Daley from both an extremely demanding discipline and the media's pervasive intrussions is likely to be shared with his partner. 

And Daley's partnership history is spotted. Daley failed with former partner Blake Aldridge at the 2008 Games in Beijing. He won, with Max Brick, the Commonwealth Games gold medal two years later. And he narrowly missed out a medal at the London 2012 Olympics with Pete Waterfield (they finished fourth).

On the other hand, a partnership with legendary Tom Daley offers the opportunity of great success in and out of the swimming pool. The same media scrutiny that relentlessly speculates about the athlete's relationships and sexuality could also function as a springboard into media ventures and potential commercial endorsements. 

As long as the team delivers athletic results, and is able to balance training with the occasional red carpet affair, a Daley/Goodfellow partnership could be a ticket to fame and glory in Rio 2016 and beyond.  

And Goodfellow seems to be approaching the opportunity with all the coolness of a 15-year-old. He said he was excited at the possibility. "It would be great. I love synchro and I’ve dived with two other partners," he said. "It will be fine with Tom."