Somm, the Smart, At-Home Wine Dispenser Will Be the Robo-Sommelier of Your Dreams


Millennials love wine, but do they know anything about it? Do they even know what tannins are, or do they love wine because they tend to be low-paid and can afford the going rate for gallons of fermented grape juice? One company, Synek, seems to be targeting this uninitiated crowd with Somm, an electronic vino dispenser that could one day live in your kitchen and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about wine.

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That's all assuming that the gizmo garners enough Kickstarter love to get off the ground. Two years ago, Synek founder Steve Young created a campaign on Kickstarter for his countertop beer tap. As Digital Trends reported, he's hoping to exceed that success with Somm.


"We made a big splash on the beer side of things (and we continue to grow), but I think Somm could have an even larger and more immediate impact on wine," Young said. "There hasn't been significant innovation in this industry in decades and consumers are demanding it."

Synek's robo-sommelier is about the size of a coffee maker and, according to the Kickstarter page, is paneled in "high quality wood grains for that cellar feel." You insert a three-bottle-equivalent canister (called a Sylo) of your preferred wine, which you order using the Somm app. The machine keeps the wine at its correct temperature, and an aeration control system keeps the wine from going bad between glasses.


For those desiring an educational experience, Somm's app provides it. The app houses information on all the wines Synek stocks, and will tell you about what you're drinking as you drink it. It also orders more for you, so your cup never need run dry. The app and the nifty little gadget, if they work and if the Kickstarter campaign raises the requisite funds, would make wine consumption a significantly more accessible affair.