Snooki Baby Leads MTV to Cancel Jersey Shore: Faith in Humanity Restored


The birth of Snooki's baby, Lorenzo, marks the end of an era. Coincidentally, "the new Guido," was born the same day American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, passed away; August 25.

It's the hope of online enthusiasts that Snooki's baby ends up fulfilling the role many children play when relating to their parents: rebellion. It's a possibility that resonates with me as one of my friends growing up was the son of a hippie, who went on to become a very uptight and successful Wall Street type. Conversely, the one who was raised by strict Wall Street type parents ended up becoming a hippie himself.  

Following the same logic, Lorenzo would skip a career in the business of reality television and would hit the books instead in order to become a respectable lawyer, doctor or -- even better -- a scientist (next generation of astronauts anyone?). 

Given that Lorenzo's birth -- among other factors -- might have prompted the cancellation of MTV's infamous Jersey Shore, the baby already got to a pretty good start on his potential way to repairing the damage that his mom's generation has caused: the progressive dumbing down of America, one reality television series at a time, since approximately 2000 (when the media decided to substitute professional actors, writers and producers with cheap and unscripted reality television stars). There is hope in the future, after all.