These 10 Pretentious Modern Brunches Will Make You Want to Just Have Breakfast at Home


Brunch is widely known to be one of the greatest cures to any hangover, but there is a new phenomenon plaguing the art of the meal: pretentiousness. Restaurants are straying from the typical bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches and chicken and waffles, instead focusing on bizarre international fusions and questionable aesthetics. 

Whereas a traditional brunch is served on a plate, with utensils, some restaurants are offering their menu options on steel cafeteria trays similar to a prison's dining experience. In other modern restaurants, cooks like Chef Roble are combining blueberry waffles, fried chicken, bacon and tacos into one seamless dish, topped with avocados — because why not?

Okay, we'd admittedly eat that last one. But when are we going to return to the days of good ol' brunch, when ordering a meal wasn't like speaking an unknown language on another planet? Seriously, can we get #MakeBrunchGreatAgain trending? 

Want to talk about pretentious? This brunch is literally served in a stiletto:

Here's that blueberry, bacon, taco, and fried chicken combo we were talking about earlier:

"I'd like my meal served in a mason jar, atop a porcelain-white plate. By the way, what part of Williamsburg are we in? I need to geotag this on Instagram."

If the inside of a scallop is replaced with cooked beans, is that considered fusion? 

This former-Panasonic-hardware-turned-dish makes brunch incredibly meta, but also absurdly pretentious. 

Remind me to dine and dash if my coffee order is ever served in a vile like this: 

Is it considered surf and turf if you're eating shrimp out of a bird's nest?

Tapas, also known as small-plates dishes, are fun to share with friends and family over the course of a brunch. But serving them in a tea cup sort of takes away from the experience, to say the least.

Eva is right: This next one is just downright dangerous and unappetizing.

Breakfast served with a side of patriotism ... in a sink. Because, America?