Ron Paul Reportedly Considering 2012 Presidential Run on a Third Party Ticket


This article is set to serve as a call to action for all voters that do not want to cast their vote for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Rumors have caught fire within the last 24 hours that Dr. Ron Paul has not discounted a potential run on a Third Party ticket in 2012.

I know what many of you are thinking. How can he run so late in the game? I have to be honest. I do not profess to know all of the election laws in the United States, but if Dr. Paul says it can happen, then who am I to argue. So let's sum up the rumors.

Since mid-July, there have been rumors that Gary Johnson would be willing to bring Ron Paul onto the Libertarian ticket as his running mate, and that Judge Jim Gray would oblige, graciously, according to Gary Johnson "insider" Mike Cann.

Almost immediately after the RNC concluded, rumors whispered across the internet that Ron Paul had an announcement to make during his appearance on the Tonight Show on Tuesday September 4th. Those whispers have become screams from "insiders" like Matt Larson.

Now, today, Evan Cutler — a.k.a. Evan Alaska — an Alaska Paul campaign member is claiming to have spoken at length with Ron Paul. He is saying that he has an outline as to what it is going to take to get Dr. Paul running on a Third Party ticket. Here is the message from Evan today:

"UPDATE: September 2, 2012, 2pm PST

The call is at 7:00 PM ALASKA TIME Today - Sunday - That is 8 PM Pacific (California) time, and 11 PM Eastern, for those who might be confused.

I spoke with Dr. Paul yesterday about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I want to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it's going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

NOTE the Free Conference Call number and access code has been changed to a new one as of today:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476

From the Last Frontier,

Evan Cutler

So what does this mean to us? According to isidewith.comPolicyMic visitors to the quiz site side with Gary Johnson 73% of the time on all issues. What better place to put a call to action than a website that is in the conscience of such a Liberty-minded group! The call tonight will be at 8pm PT and 11pm ET. 

Is it possible that this is all a hoax? Of course it is. However, in light of the people putting it out there, I doubt it. Does it likely promote a monumental task to accomplish? Absolutely. So, if you have any inkling that you may not desire to cast your vote for either of the two main parties, stay tuned. I'll be back. Until then, For Liberty!