Getting Called a Gay Slur If You're a Hairdresser Is OK, According to this French Ruling


Here's something that will just make you want to curl up and dye. 

After a French salon owner accidentally sent a text to one of his hairdressers containing a gay slur, the hairdresser brought his case to an employment tribunal, claiming that he was unfairly dismissed, the BBC reports

What exactly did the text say? It's a little NSFW, so make sure to have earmuffs ready: 

According to the BBC translation, the text reads: "I am not going to keep [the employee]. I don't have a good feeling about this guy. He's a faggot."


The owner used the term "PD," which is a French slang term for the F-word that rhymes with maggot. 

However, the hairdresser ended up losing his case for a bizarre reason — according to the tribunal, using a gay slur is OK because most people employed in hair salons are gay men. 


French journalist Mathieu Brancourt shared the ruling on Twitter. "You are a hairdresser, you get called a faggot, and that's OK because hairdressers are often gay right. Thanks, tribunal," he wrote. 

In translation, the ruling basically says that in the context of the salon, the homophobic term "PD" used by the manager can't be considered homophobic "because hair salons regularly employ gay people, notably in female hairdressers, and that poses no problem at all."

Labor minister Myriam El Khamri called the decision "shocking" and "scandalous," according to French outlet RTL

According to BBC, the employee is expected to appeal. Here's hoping something works itself out, for his sake and for his clientele.