Miranda Cosgrove of 'iCarly' Sums Up the One Benefit of Living With Your Parents at 22


If you're one of the approximately 38% of millennials currently living at home, and you constantly dream of the day you'll finally be able to move out of your parents' den and afford a place of your own, perhaps you should ask yourself this question: Is living at home with your parents really that bad?

22-year-old actress Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly and School of Rock fame says: No, it's not! She recently told People that she regrets moving out of her parents' house, mostly because doing laundry sucks.

Her exact thoughts:

I feel like everybody wants to find a way to get out and be independent, but for me, it was like all of a sudden I had this place that I could go live at and I was like, "Oh no ... My mom's not doing my laundry and I have no one to watch TV with at night."

To be quite honest: This is a valid point. Having a parent handle laundry duties is convenient. Laundry is a bad and annoying chore. What could be more boring than doing laundry? Maybe unloading the dishwasher, but at least that's over fairly quickly — and sometimes the hot steam from a freshly washed load can actually feel very nice against the skin. Some people allegedly like doing laundry, but those people are not to be trusted.

In short: Don't feel bad if you're one of the 21.6 million millennials still living at home. But maybe do feel bad if you're one of the 21.6 million millennials still living at home and also doing your own laundry. Then you're just in a lose-lose situation.

h/t People