Cape Town's Car-Free, Eco-Friendly Apartments Are the Future of Luxury Living


Cape Town, South Africa, is getting the luxury apartment complex of the future. The $900 million project aims to create a car-free, eco-friendly community around new energy-efficient buildings.

Blue Rock Village

Located next to Blue Rock Lake, the Swisatec-designed apartment complex will feature environmentally conscious appliances, building materials and water management systems, according to the Blue Rock Village website. The edifice will also be at least partially solar-powered. 

To make the area walkable, the development has plans to add a school, medical center, restaurants and other amenities, according to CNN. Once built, the initial buildings will house 1,000 apartments.  

Blue Rock Village

An innovative solution: South Africa has struggled with power issues. Last year, blackouts plagued the country, largely due to an overstressed system and continued delays in launching a new power station, according to the Wall Street Journal. So far this year, South Africa's main power provider appears to have stabilized the issue. More power outages are not expected until later this year, according to African news outlet Naija247News

Blue Rock's solar endeavors show that some in the region are eager to come up with their own solutions.