This Is How to Slice a Pineapple Without Slicing Your Finger


With their hostile and prickly skin hiding their juicy innards, pineapples are often intimidating fruits to cut open. But don't leave your summer drinks ungarnished, because there are strategies you can take to slay these tropical fruits. 

According to this YouTube tutorial, first, get rid of the green leaves (which may have irritating sap) by slicing off the ends. Now you can stand the pineapple flat. Grip the pineapple by its skin and downwardly slice off said skin, the way you would remove corn from a cob. 

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Cooking With Jack Show/YouTube

Once the pineapple is skinned, you'll notice these brown eyes that run diagonally around the pineapple. Use a fruit peeler to scoop them out or cut out diagonal wedges with a knife.

After the eyes are removed, cut the pineapple into slices and use the knife to circle around the core. Then just pop the cores out and enjoy.