How to Eat Healthy, According to This Simple Food Chart From Sweden


If you had 60 seconds to give someone healthy eating advice, what would you say? You could start with this chart from Sweden that takes the mystery out of eating right in just three simple steps.

The graphic, from Sweden's National Food Agency and published on the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations website, breaks healthy eating and living into three categories: "more," "switch to" and "less."

Under the "more" category are things like vegetables, fruits and nuts — staples of a balanced, healthful diet. The "less" section includes red meat (which has been linked to heart disease), sugar and salt. Rather than call for total elimination, the chart stresses finding a balance that works for each individual. 

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

For many people, navigating the internet's labyrinth of health blogs and food websites for the secret to healthy eating can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, simple is better. As a report accompanying the chart reads, "When it comes to food, it's easy to concentrate on individual nutrients or foods to the exclusion of everything else. But all aspects are interlinked, so it's important to maintain a holistic approach."