Yeah, You Can Drink Coke — But It Can Also Be Used to Clean Your Toilet


Everybody has to deal with chores around the house, and if you're a bit of a neat freak, cleaning a toilet is absolutely the last thing you want to go through. However, one way to avoid a hands-on, intimate experience with your grimy toilet could be lurking in your refrigerator. 

Yes, it wouldn't look like the best solution, but Coca-Cola actually makes a great toilet cleaner. Essentially, the acid from the Coke works to remove the gunk from your toilet, and it's pretty effective — just look at what it can do to your teeth. 

Moreover, utilizing that acid as a toilet cleaner is not only effective, but a great cost-saving measure. A bottle of Coke can easily be found for a couple of dollars, and compared to a standard toilet cleaning product, that's beneficial longterm savings, with the same end result. 

Don't take our word for it, though, check it out for yourself — and be sure to grab a 12-pack the next time you go to the store. That'll cover you for at least a few months, that is, unless you plow through some expired oysters while hosting a dinner party. Don't do that. 

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