Donald Trump Presidency Would Be Terrifying, According to Boston Globe Cover


The editorial board over at the Boston Globe really, really doesn't want you to vote for Donald Trump, and their latest cover is proof.

In a bold editorial move, Sunday's print edition of the paper touted satirical headlines from an alternate reality in the not-too-distant future, where a Trump presidency is already in full swing.

"DEPORTATIONS TO BEGIN: President Trump calls for tripling of ICE force; riots continue" blares the headline of the featured article. In a smaller font, another headline reads, "Markets sink as trade war looms."

If the future "news" sounds grim, that's because it is. But for its part, the paper says it did its research, cribbing close to Trump's actual policy positions by listening to speeches, scouring his website and diligently reading through his position papers.

In a video posted to the Globe's Twitter account, Deputy Editor Kathleen Kingsbury explain the thinking behind the controversial editorial ploy:

"So what did we hope to accomplish with this? We want the Republican Party, as they head to their convention this summer, to ask themselves tough questions. Do they share the vision for America that Donald Trump has? Are they willing to settle for a candidate almost as extreme in Ted Cruz? We want the Republican Party to figure out how to bring honor back to politics in America."

Despite the decidedly serious intention behind the Globe's endeavor, the paper still found time to have a little fun with the fake articles.

"New libel law targets 'absolute scum' in the press" one headline reads, playing on Trump's unhidden contempt for the media. "NASA engineers halted the launch of an unmanned probe amid fears that its new gold leaf trim would interfere with radio communications," reads another.

Trump is currently campaigning in New York, where he leads in the polls among the Republican candidates ahead of the state's April 11 primary.