11 Tweets That Prove Shaving Is the Absolute Worst


Ah, springtime. It's the season when flowers bloom, love is in the air, and everyone sheds their winter coats and emerges from cuffing season. But with a great sundress comes great responsibility — for women to keep it hairless, that is, at least if society's standards are anything to go by. 

Below are 11 reasons shaving is the worst, most menial task that we're all still doing (for some reason).

It's a safety hazard.


No clear data on when it becomes unacceptable to rock the "cavewoman-chic" look.

People judge you for failing to live up to their beauty standards.

It's a logistical nightmare.

And it's also a fashion nightmare.

It's a nightmare this writer still has, occasionally.

Did we already mention dangerous?


It interferes with your ability to enjoy shower wine.

Shout out to my tall girls, they have more surface area to worry about :/

There's a little something called the Pink Tax.

Society doesn't expect men to do it. (Even though some do anyway).

So the next time you reach for that expensive, pink lady razor of yours, please remember that you're not alone in the disdain you feel every time you lather your body just to remove naturally growing hair that the male gaze doesn't accommodate.