Bernie Sanders Fans Are Sharing Their Literal Dreams About the Vermont Senator on Twitter


For some of his fans, Bernie Sanders is an actual dream man — as HelloGiggles reported, a privileged few are feeling the Bern even in their sleep. When Sanders becomes the sand man, he takes many forms. Sometimes Sanders dreams are boring, sometimes they are bizarre, but they always seem to warrant a Twitter retelling. 

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Like when you get a text that your Uber is arriving now, and then it turns out to be everyman Sanders who'll be driving you to your destination (which is invariably socialized health care), that's a story worth sharing.

Also when the Vermont senator shows up to give you that extra motivational boost, really maximizing your workout.

And whenever he feeds you gummy candies, that's newsworthy.

A dream in which you and Sanders go full Face Off would either be rad or the stuff of nightmares, but still something about which the world needs to know.

Sharing Sanders sex dreams should perhaps be judged on a case-by-case basis. Divulge at your own discretion. 

But playing Wall Street with him could be both fun and cathartic for all parties involved. 

When Sanders rides to your aid as if on a white horse, it's understandable that you would want to talk about it.

Not all Sanders dreams can be as exciting as senatorial back rubs, though. Some are bound to be highly realistic, read: somewhat mundane. 

And others are bound to leave those of us who weren't there scratching our heads. What escalators? What makes them so funny?

And what, precisely, makes the below scenario a bad thing?

h/t HelloGiggles