Is Weed Oil Better Than Weed Butter for Stoner Cooking? Two Videos Reveal the Difference

It's an age-old question for any culinary expert: Do you go for oil or butter as a savory backdrop for your meal? Well, the same can be said for weed enthusiasts. Marijuana butter and marijuana oil are interchangeable-but-equally-delicious additions to your edible arrangement, and both warrant consideration for your next high-flying cooking adventure. 

Regardless of your choice, if you're unsure of how to best prepare, the digital mecca of videos is here to help. YouTube explainers are available for both weed oil and butter — and offer simple steps to perfect your recipe. 

For those interested in either — or both — YouTuber RuffHouse Studios' Cooking With Marijuana series, which you can check out below offers a brief but comprehensive look at each recipe. So get cooking!

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