The Best Grilled Cheese, Perfect and Gooey and Gold, Is All About Which Cheese You Use


Is there anything as amazingly delicious as a perfectly made grilled cheese? You know, when the edges are buttery and crispy and the cheese inside is melty and gooey? But not all grilled cheeses are equal, and it turns out there's actually a simple secret to making the perfect one — and it's all in the cheese.

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Some scientists at the American Chemical Society took the time to analyze the perfect cheese for grilled cheeses in a video uploaded to YouTube in November, and what they found was pretty interesting. It turns out the lower the pH level of the cheese (more acidic), the stretchier it is when you heat it up. But if the pH is too low, then the cheese will totally fall apart, so the trick is to hit the sweet spot.


Cheeses like Gruyére, manchego and Gouda are all in the right zone for getting that gooey, melty result you crave. If you're choosing between cheddars, the mild one will be better for melting than the sharper alternatives.

So now that you know all about the perfect cheese for making an ultimate grilled cheese, get out there and grill! Oh, and don't forget to choose the right bread.