The Worst Way to Drink Champagne Is the Way You’ve Probably Been Doing It


Known as the "wine of celebration," Champagne has origins tracing back to the late 1600s. But according to Tasting Table, it would appear that people haven't been drinking Champagne at its most flavorful state.

The Champagne flute, a thin glass primarily used for the drink today, might be the popular glassware for Champagne, but it's trapping the smell of Champagne within the glass. "All too often, Champagne is put in these tiny, little vessels, and it's really hard to detect the flavor and aroma," David Speer of the Portland-based Ambonnay Champagne told Tasting Table.

According to a 2015 study published in the scientific journal Flavour, all of the senses, like smell and taste, combine to create the sensation known as "flavor." This phenomenon is known as "neurogastronomy."

The sense of smell is crucial to drinking any form of wine. "Aroma is one of the most important elements with wine, which is why your wine glass should have a large opening," according to Gizmodo. "If you can't fit your nose in it while you're drinking, you need yourself some new glasses." 


"Wine needs to breathe, and smelling is a critical part of tasting," Alison Spiegel wrote about the flute's shape in Tasting Table. So for the full tasting experience, it might be better to put the flute down, and pick up another glass. 

H/T: Tasting Table

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