This Artist Is Using Her Craft to Show the Kind of Father She Wanted to Have Growing Up


Parental relationships are important, integral cornerstones for a child growing up. And when one of those parents isn't there, well, that can have a lasting effect, too. That's the idea Ukrainian artist Snezhana Soosh seeks to explore through a series of illustrations based on her personal life, which she's been posting continuously on her Instagram

Specifically, Soosh has focused on the relationship — or lack thereof — between herself and her father during her childhood, demonstrating in a series of illustrations the relationship she wished they had. 

"I always wanted to have a tender and loving relationship with my own father, but he didn't know how to show his love so most of the time was distant and cold," Soosh said, in an interview with the Huffington Post. "I was observing other fathers with their daughters and so loved each tender moment they had together. I think I drew what I lacked and very much wanted — to feel loved and protected by my big papa."

Here are some highlights from her father-daughter illustrations, while the rest of the collection, and other works, are available on her Instagram. 

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h/t the Huffington Post